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Why us?

What we’ve got in our backpack: some facts for you to know us better

  • 6 +Years With Magento

    We’ve been working on Magento since the very first version of it came out. We know it better than anyone and believe that what we do helps eCommerce businesses around the world grow and prosper.

  • 10 +Certified Developers

    Magento certified PHP Seniors and Team Leads are the backbone of our developing team. Knowing the platform from the inside, these guys turn every challenge into gold.

  • 99 +High-End Specialists

    We gathered the best team ever possible to put the things together: our amazingly talented front end, iOS and Android developers, designers, project managers, system administrators and QAs are profoundly experienced in Magento.

OUR Portfolio

Here we selected the best of our works for you. Take a look.


Women’s sportswear online store that brings fashion to fitness. Selling designer active apparel it allows women to feel pretty and comfortable while doing sports. To let the customers find their perfect product Carbon38 offers them an opportunity to search items by their purpose of use, such as running or pilates.


Having curated an amazing collection of decorative pieces from across the globe, this online store is a perfect place for trendseekers and everyone interested in interior design. Whether you’re decorating a wedding party or wishing to add some individuality to your residence, here you’ll find what you need.


Women’s fashion apparel online store. Known for its distinct style, the Planet Blue brand offers a diverse variety of clothes and accessories to the adherents of the Californian way of life. To make shopping easier there are search filters introduced on a store and a lookbook to draw inspiration from.


Modern online store selling clothing, accessories, bags, belts, shoes and jewelry with a unique, extremely flexible post-pay mechanism. Demonstrating a democratic ‘try before you buy’ approach and offering personal style guidance to its customers, this store provides an unprecedented level of service to the fashion devotees.


Incredibly innovative online store of Poprageous brand printed apparel. Offering a unique opportunity to create clothing of a custom silhouette and design and then see a 3D model of it being displayed, the store provides a revolutionary new online shopping experience to those fearless with their fashion.

Custom Development

We bring your ideas to life

One team,
multiple solutions

Magento architecture, integration, cloud migration, load balancing, front end, mobile development and a lot more – whatever Magento service is needed, we are here to provide you with exactly what you want for your business. Forget freelancers: we will make the store of your dreams a reality.

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Raise your Magento performance up to the sky!


Give your customers a pleasure of buying. With our speed optimization services, delivered by our dedicated team of proven Magento professionals, you’ll get a store that loads immediately, presenting your products and services in all their glory.

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Ready Magento solutions that work for you


Working on Magento all these years we’ve been examining both its strong and weak sides, searching ways to improve it and collecting ideas. Understanding the specific needs of eCommerce businesses, we crystallized what our clients need most and developed a series of Magento modules that make daily routine easier for a store owner. What we offer you is pearls and diamonds of our experience.

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We are organizers of the leading eCommerce Conference for Magento


Being active members of the Magento community, we regularly take part in Meet Magento events both as Sponsors and Speakers. This time we decided to take our involvement to a new, unprecedented level, and to organize a Conference on our own. And now we are happy to announce that in 2016, for the first time ever, Meet Magento will take place in Prague, the Czech Republic!

We heartily invite you to join us at the First Meet Magento CZ and to explore the bright side of Magento!

About the conference

Mobile app

Handy solution for store owners

Manage your store

Have you ever thought of how awesome it would be to manage your store from a smartphone or a tablet? Well, lucky you are because we did! We created an app for you that combines all the features needed for running your store successfully wherever you are. Managing sales, purchases and client operations – with our multi-featured app you are in total control of your business. Perfect both for iPhone and iPad.


Welcome to the First School for Magento in Prague

Explore the world
of Magento with NEKLO

Offering brilliant career opportunities worldwide, Magento is your personal chance to go far beyond of what you have to a more prosperous and exciting future. What you need now is a tactful guidance of those who already made their way in Magento development. And that is the reason we opened our school for Magento, ready to assist you.
Whether you are making your first steps with Magento or wanting to validate your skills, we will be happy to see you among our students.

Nowadays there are two courses available to you:
- Basic: Starting with Magento
- Advanced: Going Deep into Magento. Certification Preparation

Class schedule will be announced soon.

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